Our Facility



Receive a warm welcome at our reception upon entering the hotel.

First Lounge


Enjoy watching TV, surfing the Internet or reading newspapers in an ambient, relaxing lounge atmosphere. Massage chairs are available to relieve any tension in your body. Coffee, cocoa and tea beverages are also served for free. Feel free to browse our tour guide maps and find travel information such as bus timetables and other tips.

Second Lounge


Another smaller communal lounge adjacent to our kitchen awaits you to sit and relax.



A shared kitchen fully equipped with an electric stove, a microwave oven and refrigerator is also provided. You can enjoy cooking delicious meals by making free use of all rice, spices and eggs available in the kitchen.

Smoking Area


No smoking inside the hotel premises is allowed. There is a designated smoking area for guests who wish to engage in smoking.

Open-air Terrace


Would you like to have a BBQ party at our spacious rooftop terrace? You can reserve the terrace and BBQ equipment for free of charge. Ask for more details at the reception.

Shower Room


We have shared shower room facilities complete with free amenities such as toothbrush, razor, shampoo and conditioner,body soap,face towel,bath towel.



Washing machines and driers are also provided. You can use the washing machines and the laundry liquid for free. There is a charge of 100 yen per 20 minutes for using the dryer.


Our Rooms

Single (for 1 person)

Single bed / air conditioning / TV / DVD player / shared shower room & toilet
For 1 person: 3800 yen per night

Double (for 2 persons or more)

Double and single bunk beds / air conditioning / TV / DVD player / shared bathroom & toilet
For 2 persons or more: 7000 yen ~ per night

Twin (for 2 persons or more)

Twin beds / air conditioning / TV / DVD player / shared shower room & toilet
For 2 persons or more: 7000 yen ~ per night

Female Dormitory

Bunk beds / air conditioning /private shelf / shared shower room & toilet
For 1 person: 2500 yen per night

Group room (for 3 persons or more)

Double bed with futon / air conditioning / TV / DVD player / shared shower room & toilet
*The room is offered for a minimum of 3 persons. We accept this booking only by phone.
For 3 persons or more: from 10000 yen ~ per night

*Extra 500 yen per person per night during high season (New Year's Holiday, Golden Week Holiday, July.1-Sep. 30)
*Air conditioning charge of 100 yen for 4 hours, 500 yen for 24 hours.


Other Free Services

Terrace Rental

Our terrace is available for private use. Ask for more details at our reception

BBQ Equipment Rental

We accept reservations for the BBQ equipment. Enjoy the sun and grill your favorite food at the rooftop terrace.

Bicycle Rental

Feel free to ask for more details at our reception.
*Please note that the number of bicycles available is limited.

Sub Menu


1-6-4 Chatan, Chatan Town, Okinawa

It sees with a big map.

For travellers from mainland Japan, Flight and accommodation packages available!

You can choose any of the following three airlines (JAL, ANA, SKY) with the option to rent a car.