Welcome to Hotel Hamby Resort! Make the most of your stay in Okinawa and Chatan Town with Hotel Hamby Resort!

Have a fun stay at Hamby, Chatan Town, one of the hottest places in Okinawa.


Hamby Resort is located in Chatan Town, Okinawa, where there are many popular attractions for young people and families to visit. Our convenient location, the staff's hospitality and the wide array of our facilities' are designed to make sure you have a fun stay in Okinawa. Whether you visit the island alone or wish to make a group booking for short or extended stays, we can accommodate your needs. With our staff mostly women, Hamby Resort is also a 'women-friendly' place, popular among single women visiting the island alone or with their friends.

Perfect Location for Sightseeing

Just 1 min walk from Araha Beach and 10 min walk from Sunset Beach


Hamby Resort is located just next to Araha Beach, a famous resort beach in Okinawa that is ideal for swimming. Being equipped with a nice park, there are a variety of activities you can enjoy on the beach or at the park but just strolling along the shore of this beautiful beach is a favorite pastime among many tourists. The beach is frequently visited by families and couples who come to enjoy the splendid sunset views. Another beautiful beach, Sunset Beach is just a 10 minutes walk from the hotel. At Sunset Beach you can enjoy various marine sports. In the vicinity of Sunset and Araha beaches, one can also enjoy an array of shopping and eating experiences: from boutique shops selling goods to be found only in Chatan to eateries serving local and international cuisines.

15 min walk from Mihama American Village


Popular with young people, the Mihama American Village is known as a large shopping and entertainment area featuring a large arcade, a bowling alley, movie theatres and music bars and shops selling foreign items. The fun is not limited to shops and amusements but also extends to eating out and dinning, offering a wide range of restaurants specializing in local and foreign cuisines.

Great Facilities

We offer all the right facilities to meet your needs during your stay with us.
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1-6-4 Chatan, Chatan Town, Okinawa

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You can choose any of the following three airlines (JAL, ANA, SKY) with the option to rent a car.